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Ge Pro Elite Water Softener - How it works
Did you know that the tap water received by over 90% of American homes and businesses is considered to be hard water? It’s true! In fact, have you seen film or coating covering your recently cleaned dishes, clothes, skin, hair, appliances, or any plumbing components around your home? That’s most likely hard water. Do you find yourself recleaning these items over and over again to remove the spots and residue? It can be a chore for sure. At Shamrock Plumbing we install and maintain water softeners!

Give Yourself the Gift of Soft Water!

Having soft water in your home will make such a huge difference in your life! The friendly plumbers at Shamrock Plumbing will install or repair your water softener and help you to improve the quality of your life. Still skeptical? Check out these amazing benefits!

  • Glass, metal, plastic and ceramic dinnerware shine beautifully.
  • On average, the quality and stitching of your favorite fabrics last longer in the laundry.
  • Your white clothing stays whiter longer, and your color fabrics look more vivid and brighter longer.
  • Your skin is less dry after showering.
  • Your pipelines, appliances, and plumbing components have a much longer lifespan.
  • Cut the time you spend cleaning faucets, sinks, tubs, and showers in half.
  • More lather from soaps, detergents, and shampoos which means you’ll buy these products around 75% less.
  • YOU’LL SAVE MONEY OVER TIME! Your new softener pays for itself within 4-5 years but can last 10 or more!

Still, have some questions? No problem! Check out our blog! We answer the top 10 most common questions we get asked about water softeners.


“They did a great job installing our new water softener! I would highly recommend Shamrock for your water softener installs!” -Garrett E

Do You Know How Hard Your Water Is?

In order to know whether or not investing in a water softener would be valuable to you, you should know just how hard your water is. You may have heard that Utah water is considered to be pretty hard in general, but the hardness level can actually change by location. To help you know the hardness level for your area, we’ve created a tool for you to use. Click the button below, and insert your zip code.

The Shamrock Plumbing Hard Water Tool

So Why Shamrock Plumbing?

For over 30 years, our dedicated and experienced Shamrock Plumbing technicians have been committed to serving the Intermountain West and Wasatch Front, and guaranteeing 100% satisfaction every time. Our water heater and water softener experience is second to none.

Whether you’re in need of a new water softener or are looking to have your existing water softener repaired, there’s no better time to call than now!You can reach us at (801) 505-9505 or by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. After working with us, you’ll be sure to see why we’re the leading plumbing service in your area time and time again!

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I was VERY impressed with Shamrock Plumbing. The estimator came out and gave us a bid to move some pipes so we could hang Sheetrock directly to our joists in our kitchen, we had a dropped ceiling before. Other plumbers weren’t sure it could be done but Shamrock seemed the most confident and they actually had the best prices. They were booked out a few weeks but we got an appointment before the estimator told us. They came on time and worked super hard to get those pipes into the ceiling according to code. They also replaces our PRV. We had a bit of a snag after the pipes were moved in that the wax ring in our master bath upstairs failed. We guessed it was the age of the wax ring (30+ yrs old) and moving the pipes. They came out to repair that. Everything they did was itemized and it was clear what I was paying for. I’d definitely hire them again for plumbing. Thanks!

- Kara S.

We were out of town when our daughter called us to tell us the water heater had broken. I contacted the on call service (it was Saturday) and he was at my house withing the hour to replace it. He kept in contact with me the entire time which was great customer service.

- Melanie Petzold

Best plumbing company ever! 1/3 the cost of anyone else. No problems with their work and they never try to up-sell me on things. They have saved me probably $3,000 over the past year. I will never use anyone else…

- Matt B.
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