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21 Memes Only Plumbers Will Understand

It seems like memes are taking over the world. We aren’t complaining, though. Who doesn’t love a good laugh in the middle of the work day? It also seems like every group of people in the world has their own set of amazing memes that outsiders just don’t seem to understand fully. Well, we’d like to present the best memes all about plumbing that we know non-plumbers just won’t appreciate as much as you!

21 of Our Favorite Plumbing Memes

1 – Cats and plumbing, what’s not to love?
Meme of a cat plunging a toilet.

2 – Seems like there’s always another problem.
Meme of Buzz Lightyear telling Woody "Plumbing Problems. Plumbing Problems Everywhere".

3 – Every time someone unqualified tries to help you.
Meme of a man using scissors to cut the water flow out of a sink faucet.

4 – We’ve all seen these sink fails haven’t we?
Meme of a faucet misaligned with the sink pouring water on the counter.

5 – Anchorman is a classic favorite.
Meme of Anchorman saying "Call the plumber...these pipes are about to burst" while flexing his biceps.

6 – The grass isn’t always greener for the right reasons.
Meme of a boy pulling a small wagon with the text "The only reason your neighbor's grass is greener is because their septic tank is overflowing".

7 – Why can’t people just listen to us? Seriously.
Meme of an empty sink with the text "If you're going to pour used cooking oil down your sink...don't."

8 – If we had a dollar for every time some idiot promised they could fix it themself.
Meme of a man floating in a flooded basement with the text "Do your own plumbing they said, it's easy they said."

9 – Again, just call a plumber please.
Meme of a faucet misaligned with the sink pouring water on the floor with the text "DIY plumbing: nailed it!"

10 – The classic plumber’s crack!
Meme of a small blonde boy crawling under a sink near plumbing tools with the text "Everyone calm down I got this."

11- Honestly who makes this kind of mistake?
Meme of a wire running through a water pipe with the text "When a plumber and an electrician don't get along..."

12 – Every. Time.
Meme of a bent flare with the text "I don't always make a perfect flare but when I do I forget the flare nut".

13 – Your significant other will understand, right?
Meme of a plumbing hose ring in a box with the text "I give this ring...to all my hose".

14 – We’re very good at playing poker.
Meme of a raccoon face on a blue backdrop with the text "For plumbers, a flush beats a full house".

15 – Feels like this is how we get approached every day.
Meme of Kind Leonidas yelling with the text "It's leaking AGAIN!!!"

16 – Among other unidentified objects we’ve found in drains…
Meme of a stock photo plumber with text about customer complaining about price of plumbing.

17 – This seems like a terrible hack.
Meme of a tube running from the sink to the toilet with the text "Fixed! Real men know how to fix stuff."

18 – Which is better – an engineer or a plumber?
Meme of a poorly done hot water hack using a candle and wire under a shower faucet with the text "Trust me...I'm an engineer".

19 – We know plumbing can be expensive sometimes, but not like this…
Meme of a clutter of pipes going different directions with the text "Money down the drain just not sure which one."

20 – So true.
Meme of "What my friends, customers, kids, America, and I do" for plumbers.

21 – Simple solution: call a plumber.
Meme of a sink with a door handle with the text "You had one job..."

Plumbers certainly see it all, don’t we? That doesn’t mean we aren’t having a great time, because let’s be honest, we all love those plumbing fail stories that we get to tell at the end of the day.

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